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Anaheim Star Certified Smog Check Center

Expertec Automotive is a state-certified Smog center for Testing and Repair. We are also authorized by the state to carry out repairs under the CAP repair assistance program.

The California STAR Certified Smog Check Program is a program established to decrease air pollution caused by vehicles by ensuring vehicles meet the state’s emission standards.

A STAR Certified station is a smog check station meeting higher performance standards established by the Bureau of Automotive Repair (BAR) in California. These stations possess advanced emissions testing equipment and their technicians undergo specialized training to assess vehicle emissions accurately.

The STAR program’s goal is to identify high-emitting vehicles, help owners repair or retire them, and reduce air pollution. This program is critical in maintaining California’s air quality standards and safeguarding public health. 

The CAP Repair Assistance Program

The Consumer Assistance Program (CAP) Repair Assistance Program is a California initiative that provides assistance to low-income vehicle owners to repair or retire their vehicles if they fail smog checks.

The program is administered by the Bureau of Automotive Repair in California. To qualify for assistance under the CAP program, vehicle owners must meet income eligibility requirements.

Repair assistance may be available to cover the cost of necessary repairs to bring the vehicle into compliance with emissions standards. In some cases where repairs are not feasible or cost-effective, CAP may offer incentives for owners to retire their vehicles and surrender them to designated dismantlers for responsible recycling.

The CAP Repair Assistance Program is an important tool in promoting clean air and reducing vehicle emissions in California by providing support to individuals who may struggle to maintain their vehicles in compliance with emissions standards.

What is a Smog Check?

All vehicles that are over 8 years old must undergo a Smog Check every other year. Moreover, if you are registering an out-of-state vehicle for the first time in California or selling a car over 4 years old, you must mandatorily get a check. The DMV will let you know whether a Smog Check is required or not in your registration renewal form.

The emissions test has been designed to assess the level of pollutants emitted by your vehicle, ensuring compliance with California’s standards. The test itself will consist of;

  • A Visual inspection of the exhaust system
  • A functional inspection of the Check Engine Light, Ignition System, Exhaust Gas Recirculation System, Fuel Evaporation System and the Gas Cap
  • A Functional Inspection of the Diagnostic Systems
  • Tailpipe Emissions Test

Smog Check Frequently Asked Questions

how much is the smog check?
At Expertec Automotive our smog checks are $64.95. Check out our special offers page to see if we are currently running any smog test discounts.

The test usually takes 20 – 30 minutes, we recommend booking an appointment to avoid any additional wait time.

As an accredited test and repair center, if your vehicle does not pass the test, we will provide professional advice on the root causes of the failure and conduct necessary repairs to ensure compliance with emission standards. Please note that vehicle registration renewal is not possible until the necessary repairs have been made.

Proper engine maintenance, regular replacement of worn-out parts, and consistent oil changes are essential for increasing the likelihood of passing a smog check. Furthermore, it’s crucial to resolve any warning lights or diagnostic trouble codes prior to the examination.

Neglecting to undergo a mandatory smog check will result in the inability to renew your vehicle registration. The Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) mandates completion of the smog check and passage of the vehicle before issuing a new registration.

Operating a vehicle with expired registration, stemming from a missed smog check, can result in fines if detected by law enforcement. Also, bringing your vehicle into compliance belatedly may incur additional renewal fees.

Vehicles must pass a smog check before they can be sold or transferred to a new owner. If your vehicle fails the smog check, you may need to repair it before selling or transferring ownership.

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