What does the Exhaust System do?

The exhaust system has three main functions;

  1. To safely remove the harmful exhaust fumes from the vehicle.
  2. To Reduce the amount of pollutants being expelled from the tailpipe.
  3. To minimize the noise and force of the exhaust process.

The fumes that come out of your tailpipe are toxic and you don’t want them getting into the passenger compartment. That’s why you should never run your engine in a closed garage. If you have a leak in the exhaust system, exhaust could get into the passenger cabin and make you sick or even kill you.

As your engine runs the combustion process causes the dangerous fumes to be produced. The fumes enter the exhaust manifold and are funneled to the Catalytic Converter which reduces the toxicity of them by transforming them into less harmful gasses which are expelled from the tailpipe. The muffler helps to reduce the noise of the engine and reduce the sound created by the tailpipe as the gases escape.

How to tell if your Exhaust system needs repairs

Increased Exhaust Volume

Probably the most obvious sign of an issue is a loud noise coming out of the exhaust. Almost everyone has probably heard a car driving down the road with a loud blowing noise coming out of the exhaust.

You Can Smell Exhaust Fumes in The Car

If you can detect even the faintest smell of exhaust fumes while driving immediately roll down the windows and get booked in for an exhaust inspection. As we previously said these fumes are toxic you don’t want to be driving around inhaling them.

You Head a Ticking Noise that Goes Away as You Drive

Probably the hardest sign to spot, you hear a ticking noise when you start the car but as you drive away it stops. As the noise has gone away you convince yourself you were probably hearing things and ignore it. This is a sign of a crack in the exhaust or a bad connection in the system that leaks when its cold but as the exhaust heats up the metal expands, masking the problem.

Can I Ignore A Damaged Exhaust System?

More than likely you have seen a car driving around with an obviously damaged exhaust so you may be thinking you can ignore it. This is a bad idea, if your exhaust is damaged you will be driving around Huntington Beach spewing out toxic chemicals into the air and when your Smog Check comes up you will more than likely fail.

If you keep driving with a damaged exhaust the damage will only get worse. The worse the damage to an exhaust gets the harder your engine is going to have to work, which is just going to cause more wear and tear on that and lead to more expensive repairs!

Check Your Exhaust System at Expertec Automotive

If you have noticed any of the warning signs above, bring your vehicle in for a checkup. As a AAA approved auto shop you can rest assured that your exhaust inspection and any repairs will be carried out quickly and efficiently at Expertec Automotive. Call us today at (714) 848-9222 to schedule an appointment.

National Warranty

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