Gas Saving Tips

Check The Air Pressure In Your Tires

Driving on under inflated tires is harder on your car, it takes more energy to make it move, that energy comes from the engine, which runs on gas! According to the U.S Dept. of Energy every psi your tires are under inflated by reduces your mileage by 0.2%.

Your car has a tire pressure warning light that comes on when your pressure drops to 20% below the recommended level. If we take a recommended tire pressure of 30 psi the warning light would come on at 24 psi. The current price in Huntington Beach is around $3 per gallon, when that light comes on you are losing 1.2% of your mileage, rounded up that’s $0.04 per gallon of gas wasted.

Use The Right Oil

Over time your engine oil decays and starts to turn to sludge, as this happens the engine has to work harder, which increases the amount of gas needed to make the engine work. Changing your oil on a regular basis can prevent this. Make sure you use the right oil, The U.S Dept. of Energy found that using the incorrect grade of motor oil can reduce your mileage by 1-2%, that’s $0.03 – $0.06 per gallon.

Keep Your Engine Properly Tuned

Repairs to issues with your engine can have a drastic effect on your mileage. The o2 sensor is responsible for detecting and adjusting the air / fuel mix. The U.S Dept. of Energy found that a faulty o2 sensor can reduce mileage up to 40%, that’s $1.20 per gallon!

Check Your Gas Cap

Make sure that your gas cap is working properly, if its damaged or loose then air is able to get into your gas tank and air and gas don’t mix, your gas will simply evaporate!

Driving Tips

It’s not just the condition of your car that effects the mileage you get, the way you use your car plays a big part too! Follow these tips to cut down your trips to the gas station.

Don’t “Warm up” your car

If your car is idling your using gas and getting no miles! If the weather is really cold it’s tempting to leave the car to warm up in the morning before you use it, but it only takes a minute or two for the car to heat up so leaving it running for five or ten minutes before you leave is just wasting gas.

Don’t Drive Aggressively

The U.S Dept. of Energy found that rapid acceleration and braking reduces your mileage between 15% and 30% when your driving on the highway, when driving in traffic it can range from 10% to 40%. Based on current prices your aggressive driving could be costing you anywhere between $0.30 and $1.20 per gallon.

Watch your Speed

Every car has a different optimal fuel efficiency speed but the U.S Dept. of Energy found that most cars usually start to decrease in efficiency over 50mph, they estimate every additional 5mph costs an extra $0.15 per gallon of gas, but with the prices we pay in Huntington Beach that figure is closer to $0.21 per gallon.

Keep your Weight Down

If you keep a lot of stuff in your car you are increasing its weight, the heavier the car is, the more energy it takes to move it. The U.S Dept. of Energy estimates a 1% loss of efficiency for every 100 pounds of weight, that’s $0.03 per gallon.

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