Auto Air Conditioning Repair

Auto Air Conditioning Repair & Maintenance

ExperTec Automotive is properly equipped to service and repair your car’s air conditioning system. We want you to stay cool, and we will provide you with the quality service you deserve. As part of our commitment to the environment, we capture the Freon during air conditioning servicing and recycle it so that it doesn’t enter our atmosphere and pollute our air. Our technicians will have your air conditioning running in a timely manner, using the best available tools, equipment and parts.

A quick overview how your air conditioning operates:

The majority of air conditioning systems in today’s cars have the following major components: a compressor, a condenser, an evaporator, and a pressure regulating device like orifice tube for most Ford or GM vehicles, or a thermal expansion valve, commonly used in imports and aftermarket kits. The compressor is a belt driven pump that is fastened to the engine. It is responsible for compressing and transferring refrigerant gas.The condenser is where heat dissipation occurs. Condensers must have good air flow anytime the system is in operation. Located inside the vehicle, the evaporator serves as the heat absorption component. The evaporator provides several functions. Its primary duty is to remove heat from the inside of your vehicle. A secondary benefit is dehumidification. Controlling the evaporator temperature can be accomplished by controlling refrigerant pressure and flow into the evaporator. Many variations of pressure regulators have been introduced since the 1940’s, like the orifice tube and thermal expansion valve.

Remember, your satisfaction is our ultimate goal. In order to keep you satisfied with our repairs and services, we employ only the best mechanics and technicians. Our repair technicians are ASE certified, and use the latest in technology and equipment to keep your car in peak condition. We also want you satisfied with your entire experience here at ExperTec Automotive, which is why we promote our business philosophy with all employees: treat customers with kindness, respect, and honesty and we will be successful. In addition to our focus on customer service and satisfaction, we stand behind our work with a 12-month, 12,000-mile warranty on parts and labor.

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National Warranty

The Independent Service Center warrants the repairs and services performed to be free from defects in materials and workmanship for 36 months, or 36,000 miles of use, whichever comes first. Odometer reading and date of original repair will be used to determine eligibility. Independent Service Centers may stock different brands of merchandise by location. Each participating outlet has the right to replace a covered part with a like part of equal value. After 36 months or 36,000 miles, participating Service Centers will honor the manufacturer’s written warranty on parts replacement (labor excluded) and the manufacturer’s written policy will govern product replacement. The original invoice must be presented for the claim and must clearly bear the Protection Plus logo. You MUST keep a copy of the original receipt for the warranty to be valid.