Help! My A/C’s Stopped Working

It’s August, we are in the middle of a heat wave and even here in Huntington Beach the temperatures are in the 90’s. The last thing you need is for your cars air conditioning to stop working. Air Conditioning Warning Signs Heading off a problem before you lose you A/C completely is always a good […]

Car Battery Problems

It all starts with a few problems that may seem minor. A warning light may flash on your dashboard or your headlights may seem dimmer; your gauges may flicker. You may notice an odd smell or even a growling noise coming from under your hood. It may sound like a case of demonic possession, but […]

Catalytic Converter Replacement

Every street legal vehicle manufactured in the past several decades has at least one catalytic converter mounted within its exhaust system. Many luxury cars have two, or even more. The purpose of the catalytic converter is to superheat unburned particles in your engine’s exhaust gases. As your engine warms up, the catalytic converter will heat […]

Tire Rotation / Balancing

One of the most expensive things you have to replace regularly on your car are your tires. Most tires last about 25,000 to 50,000 miles before they need replacement, but depending on things such as road conditions, your wheel and suspension setup, and your driving habits, they may wear much more quickly. According to a […]

Fuel Pump Repair

You probably know that your vehicle has a gas tank which is usually several feet away from its engine. You may have also heard that the Ford Model T had a gravity-fed fuel system, which would result in owners having to drive backwards up hills to prevent the engine from becoming starved of fuel and […]

Does An Electronic Ignition Need Spark Plugs?

Here at ExperTec Automotive in Huntington Beach, we specialize in all sorts of repairs to help keep your car running right. This week, we’ll introduce you to another tiny part that can cause you huge problems, your engine’s spark plugs. Spark plugs are present in all automobile combustion engines except for diesels, although the number […]

Spark Plugs & What They Do

Spark plugs – the name itself is pretty self explanatory. To put it simply, your vehicle’s spark plugs are parts that plug into the top of your engine’s cylinders and create a spark which ignites the air and fuel mixture inside to start the engine and keep it generating power. The number of spark plugs […]

What Types of Cars Need Drivelines

Cars Need Drivelines – This week on ExperTec of Huntington Beach’s Cars 101 blog, we’ll go over the parts responsible for getting the power from your engine to spin your wheels. All automobiles, front, rear, or all wheel drive, have a driveline. The driveline is the system responsible for delivering power from the engine to […]

Automotive Dashboard Warning Lights

Automotive Dashboard – Today’s vehicles are filled with electronics and sensors to keep track of how your vehicle is functioning and make driving easier. Every warning light on your dashboard should light up for a few seconds when you first start your engine. It is important to know what your vehicle’s warning lights mean because […]

Heater Core Repair

Heater Core Repair – Many people driving around Huntington Beach have never even heard the term “heater core”. You might wonder what a heater core is. To put it simply, it is part of your car’s cooling system. It looks like a miniature version of your radiator, and functions like a small radiator itself. It […]

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