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Cadillac is a division of the U.S.-based General Motors (GM) that markets luxury vehicles worldwide. Its primary markets are the U.S., Canada, and China, but Cadillac vehicles are also sold in 34 additional markets worldwide. Cadillac has always held a place near the top of the luxury field within the U.S.

Cadillac is among the oldest automobile brands in the world, and the second oldest in the U.S. behind Buick. Cadillac was founded in 1902, almost nine years before Chevrolet, and named after Antoine Laumet de La Mothe, sieur de Cadillac, who founded Detroit, Michigan. The Cadillac logo is based on his coat of arms.

By the time it was purchased by GM in 1909, Cadillac had already established itself as one of America’s premier luxury brands. Notably, Cadillac was a pioneer of interchangeability of parts, which helped lay the foundation for modern mass production of automobiles. It was also at the forefront of several technological advances including full electrical systems, transmission synchromeshes, and the steel roof.

Cadillac was the first American car to win the Royal Automobile Club of England’s Dewar Trophy in 1908 for demonstrating the interchangeability of its component parts, spawning the slogan “Standard of the World”. It won the trophy again in 1912 for incorporating electric starting and lighting in a production automobile.

Although Cadillac today is no longer the elite ultra-luxury brand it was in its early years, it is still well respected and makes luxurious and handsome vehicles. Through the ‘80s and ‘90s, when European and Japanese automakers began to become more competitive and established in the U.S. market and build better cars, Cadillac remained somewhat stagnant and lost much of its prestige. However, in the mid-2000s, Cadillac underwent somewhat of a renaissance, focusing more on performance and working on improving quality to become competitive again. Cadillac’s current model lineup includes the entry-level ATS small coupe/sedan, the CTS midsize sedan, the XTS full-size sedan, the all-electric ELR coupe, the SRX crossover, and the Escalade full-size SUV. The ATS and CTS also offer a “V” trim level, Cadillac’s performance line which has been competitive against established players such as Mercedes-Benz’s AMG models and BMW’s M models since its inception in 2004.

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