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My Gas Fuel Gauge Stopped Working!

Even the most novice drivers know how to read two things on their dashboard: their speedometer, and their gas gauge.


Oil Change Myths

Your car’s motor oil is exactly what it sounds like - a lubricant.


Car Battery Problems

Five common signs of alternator trouble that you can pay attention to are


Checking Your Car Fluids

Here are seven automotive fluids that you should pay attention to in order to keep your vehicle in tip top shape:


Catalytic Converter Replacement

If your catalytic converter isn’t operating efficiently, the check engine light will come on


Roadside Emergency Kits

A basic roadside emergency kit should include the following items


Brake Repair in Huntington Beach

A good running car is import, but even more important than keeping your car running is keeping it stopping.

Rainy Day Driving Tips

Some people say that it never rains in Southern California - but most people know to never say never. While anything more than a light drizzle...

Tire Rotation / Balancing

One of the most expensive things you have to replace regularly on your car are your tires. Most tires last about 25,000 to 50,000 miles...

Fuel Pump Repair

You probably know that your vehicle has a gas tank which is usually several feet away from its engine.

Does An Electronic Ignition Need Spark Plugs?

Here at ExperTec Automotive in Huntington Beach, we specialize in all sorts of repairs to help keep your car running right.

4th of July Parade

We are proud to recognize Mr. Ken Moats as a local Huntington Beach G.E.M.

Mr. Moats was honored to have taught a majority of his 53 years in education/coaching here in Huntington Beach. Many if the alumni from Huntington Beach High and Ocean View High where influenced through his mentoring and leadership style.

Coach Ken Moats is a Huntington Beach local and graduated from Huntington Beach High School class of 1947. He earned the very first “Athlete of the Year” from Orange Coast College and was awarded a baseball scholarship to UCLA. Continuing on the baseball path, Coach Moats played a season with the Milwaukee Braves before returning to the west coast.