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Roadside Emergency Kits

Roadside Emergency Kits – Imagine that you’re on a road trip, far away from Huntington Beach, driving down a dark country road late at night. Suddenly, one of your tires blows out, and your car is impossible to control. You pull to the side of the road and stop, but you don’t even have a […]

Oil Change Myths

This week, I’m back to talk about one of the most basic and common automotive maintenance procedures – the oil change. I’ll be explaining everything from common oil change myths to the function of motor oil, to why you need to change your oil and how often your vehicle’s motor oil should be changed, and […]

Car Battery Problems

It all starts with a few problems that may seem minor. A warning light may flash on your dashboard or your headlights may seem dimmer; your gauges may flicker. You may notice an odd smell or even a growling noise coming from under your hood. It may sound like a case of demonic possession, but […]

Checking Your Car Fluids

One of the easiest things you can do at home to keep your car in good running shape when you’re driving around Huntington Beach is to check and maintain your fluid levels. Keeping your fluids at their proper levels can save you unnecessary engine wear or damage and save you from needing expensive repairs! Here […]

Catalytic Converter Replacement

Every street legal vehicle manufactured in the past several decades has at least one catalytic converter mounted within its exhaust system. Many luxury cars have two, or even more. The purpose of the catalytic converter is to superheat unburned particles in your engine’s exhaust gases. As your engine warms up, the catalytic converter will heat […]

Brake Service in Huntington Beach

Things to know about your vehicle’s brakes and brake service. A good running car is important, but even more important than keeping your car running is keeping it stopping. You should always make sure that, in an emergency situation, your car’s brakes are able to handle the daunting task of bringing thousands of pounds of […]

Rainy Day Driving Tips

Some people say that it never rains in Southern California – but most people know to never say never. While anything more than a light drizzle is extremely rare here in Huntington Beach, once in a while, we get a serious storm that proves the saying wrong. Rain on the roads can cause slippery roads, […]

Tire Rotation / Balancing

One of the most expensive things you have to replace regularly on your car are your tires. Most tires last about 25,000 to 50,000 miles before they need replacement, but depending on things such as road conditions, your wheel and suspension setup, and your driving habits, they may wear much more quickly. According to a […]

Fuel Pump Repair

You probably know that your vehicle has a gas tank which is usually several feet away from its engine. You may have also heard that the Ford Model T had a gravity-fed fuel system, which would result in owners having to drive backwards up hills to prevent the engine from becoming starved of fuel and […]

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