Car Battery Problems

It all starts with a few problems that may seem minor. A warning light may flash on your dashboard or your headlights may seem dimmer; your gauges may flicker. You may notice an odd smell or even a growling noise coming from under your hood. It may sound like a case of demonic possession, but most likely it is just a problem with the alternator. Without attention, alternator problems can begin to cause you inconvenience ranging from slower starts to a dead car.

Alternators are relatively simple, but they play a critical role in the operation of your vehicle. An alternator is essentially responsible for turning the crankshaft’s mechanical rotational energy into electricity, which it then uses to power your car’s accessories, ranging from headlights to power windows to heated seats. The alternator also keeps the battery fully charged so that it maintains the power needed to start the car. Alternator failure almost certainly will not cause any other damage, but it can be a huge inconvenience for you if your car is failing to start at the time you need it most. A failing alternator may also place more strain on the battery and cause it to die faster.

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What's up with shock absorbers and struts?


This week on ExperTec of Huntington Beach’s cars 101 blog, we’re gonna cover something that many people don’t really think about when it comes to automotive maintenance - shock absorbers and struts.

It’s a common mentality: the car will still run and drive without these components, so they are not important. But shocks and struts are actually key parts of a car’s suspension system. Neglecting them can have serious consequences. Sure, a car will still run if these key components are worn out, but they should not be overlooked. Worn and malfunctioning shocks or struts can actually be extremely dangerous.

To understand why they are so important, first we should look at what they do and how they work.

A shock absorber, usually just called a shock, is a part that is responsible for keeping the springs in the suspension from bouncing too much. With functional shocks, the springs in a car’s suspension will not compress or rebound as extremely as they would alone. They also do not keep bouncing for a long time as they would with worn or missing shocks. Shocks may also be called dampers because of their key function - “dampening” the movement of the car’s suspension.

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Something your engine needs to run...airflow!

This week on Cars 101 - oxygen. Something your engine needs to run. But what happens when your engine is sucking in too much oxygen, or too little? Well, most cars nowadays can account for that. Cars have a special sensor called the mass airflow, or MAF, sensor, to measure the amount of air flowing into your engine. But what if this sensor malfunctions?

A faulty MAF sensor can cause several problems with your engine’s performance, including but not limited to a rough idle, mild to severe hesitation during acceleration, loss of fuel economy, loss of power, and even stalling out, whether your car is automatic or stick shift. In the ‘80s and ‘90s, MAF sensors were in an evolutionary phase, and cars from these decades are very likely to have unreliable, weak MAF sensors.

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Huntington Beach Alignments

Wheel Alignments Huntington Beach

Wheel alignment is one thing that you absolutely cannot cheat on. To do an alignment properly, expensive tools are required, and an improper alignment can lead to more wear on the vehicle, more unpredictable driving dynamics, and more trouble in the end while driving in Huntington Beach.

Alignment consists of adjusting the angles of the wheels so that they are straight. Proper alignment gives you the benefits of minimal tire wear, a car that drives straight, and minimal stress on parts of the suspension.

All new vehicles are set to manufacturer specifications, but it is advisable to get your car’s alignment checked again after about 2000 miles, since the suspension may move slightly due to normal driving.

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Keeping you and your engine cool!

This week on our Cars 101 Blog, we’re keeping you and your engine cool. We’re gonna cover your vehicle’s engine cooling system, how it works, and reasons why it might need some work.

Coolant, also commonly known as antifreeze, is essentially the fluid responsible for absorbing and dissipating heat from the engine by flowing through the engine, then out of the engine and through the radiator, where it is cooled off by fast-flowing air going through your grille and is cycled back into the engine again. It is made from a mixture of either ethylene or propylene glycol and water, usually in a 1:1 ratio. Coolant service means draining and flushing your car’s cooling system, then refilling it with new coolant.

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