Bright Ideas About Your Headlights

Here in Huntington Beach, having properly functioning lights for your vehicle is especially important. We might not have too many dark, winding roads, or get thick fog very often, but we do have a very diligent police force which will almost certainly pull you over for a broken light. Your vehicle’s lights - including headlights, tail lights, turn signals, brake lights, and fog lights - are some of the most important features you have to keep you safe at night by letting other drivers know where you are and where you intend on going. This is why it is important that your lights are always in working order whenever operating your vehicle.

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Rainy Days and Windshield Wipers

They may say that it never rains in Southern California - but sometimes it does. In fact, on rare occasions, we get hit with severe storms here in Huntington Beach that last for days straight! Good wiper blades will not only ensure a clean windshield, but make sure that you can see what’s in front of you clearly when you’re driving through rain. Your windshield wipers are designed to remove water and debris from your windshield and give you crystal clear vision, regardless of weather conditions. Wiper blades made with high quality materials will guarantee a clean windshield and clear vision regardless of weather conditions during any inclement weather.

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Rainy Day Driving Tips

Some people say that it never rains in Southern California - but most people know to never say never. While anything more than a light drizzle is extremely rare here in Huntington Beach, once in a while, we get a serious storm that proves the saying wrong. Rain on the roads can cause slippery roads, huge puddles, loss of visibility, and even sometimes flash floods. The rarity of these storms only makes it more important that you stay prepared, because realistically, many people in the area don’t. Want evidence? Just look at a traffic report or count the number of crashes you see next time rain falls. Because so many other drivers on our roads are unprepared for rainy weather and uninformed on how to drive in rain, it is even more important that you take extra steps to ensure your own safety. 

One of the most serious and harrowing parts of driving in rain is hydroplaning. Hydroplaning is the term for when your tires lose contact with the pavement, instead gliding along the top of a layer of water, which can lead to a temporary complete loss of control. In this situation, you should gently take your foot off of the gas so that your car slows down enough to get back in contact with the road, and keep your steering wheel straight so that your car does not swerve abruptly when you regain traction. If you start to slide, the best general advice is to continue to look and steer where you want to go, which can sometimes go against your instincts.

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Tire Rotation / Balancing

One of the most expensive things you have to replace regularly on your car are your tires. Most tires last about 25,000 to 50,000 miles before they need replacement, but depending on things such as road conditions, your wheel and suspension setup, and your driving habits, they may wear much more quickly. According to a survey on Angie’s List, members paid an average of $637 for a complete set of four new tires. Usually, new tires will cost you at least $500 for all four, but the cost can easily soar over $1,000 depending on the size and type of tire you need for your vehicle, as well as the quality of the tires you choose. Specialized tires such as high-performance, off road, or low profile / uncommon sizes can even cost around $500 each, bringing the total cost of a new set to around $2,000. With this in mind, every vehicle owner should want to prolong the life of their tires as much as possible to save their hard-earned money. 

The easiest thing that you can do by yourself to extend the life of your tires is to practice good driving habits. Slow down for corners and accelerate and brake gently in order to minimize wheel-spin and loss of traction, both of which will rub your tires against the rough pavement and wear off the outer layer of rubber more quickly. However, there are a few other things that you can do to keep your tires under the least load possible and make them last longer.

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Ignition coil / spark coil, what are they?

Does your vehicle’s engine die abruptly after running for a while in Huntington Beach? Does your car ever have trouble starting? Does it stall, misfire, backfire, or get worse gas mileage than it used to? If you’ve noticed any or all of these symptoms, you may have a failing ignition coil or coil pack. Diesel engines do not need an ignition system, since they rely on compression to ignite the air/fuel mixture. 

 An ignition coil, also known as a spark coil, is an induction coil in your car’s ignition system which transforms the battery’s low voltage into thousands of volts which are needed to create an electric spark in the spark plugs to ignite the fuel. Ignition coils can have either an internal resistor or an external resistor or resistor wire, which serves the purpose of limiting the current flowing into the coil from the car’s battery. They also have another high voltage wire which goes from the ignition coil to the distributor, and wires from the distributor to each of the spark plugs, called spark plug wires or high tension leads. Most ignition coil systems today use a power transistor to provide pulses to the ignition coil. 

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