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Today’s vehicles are full of the latest technology and newest developments to make your driving experience easier, safer, and more comfortable. Cars nowadays have advanced entertainment systems to sync to your cell phone, driving aids such as ABS, traction control, and stability control, systems to help you save gas such as cylinder deactivation and start-stop systems, which turn off your engine at stoplights, navigation systems, and other technology such as electric motors, hybrid drivetrains, and even fuel cells. 

Many of today’s vehicles also have technologies such as lane departure warning systems, adaptive cruise control and headlights, collision warning systems, parking assistance systems, and even technology to determine if the driver is drowsy or not. These systems rely on a multitude of cameras and sensors, and one of them becoming obstructed or failing will cause the system to function improperly.

But more technology comes at a cost - there is more to malfunction, and in some cars just a small malfunction can cause big problems. This is why some people prefer older cars, or base model cars with as few options as possible, so that there’s less expensive parts to break. However, even the most basic of new cars will have some level of technology to meet government requirements, such as emissions control and safety systems. 

No matter what technology your vehicle has, ExperTec Automotive of Huntington Beach is well equipped to work on it. 

If you notice any faults in one of your high-tech new vehicle’s systems, we can track it down and fix it here at ExperTec Huntington Beach. Our team of certified mechanics has all of the latest equipment and tools to communicate with your car’s ECU, read trouble codes, and accurately diagnose even the newest vehicles, so don’t be afraid to come in if you’re having problems. ExperTec is Orange County’s most trusted auto repair and service shop!

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