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What Types of Cars Need Drivelines

This week on ExperTec of Huntington Beach’s Cars 101 blog, we’ll go over the parts responsible for getting the power...

Automotive Dashboard Warning Lights

Today’s vehicles are filled with electronics and sensors to keep track of how your vehicle is functioning and make driving easier.

Heater Core Repair

Many people driving around Huntington Beach have never even heard the term “heater core”.

The color of your car’s exhaust smoke…

This week on ExperTec of Huntington Beach’s cars 101 blog, we’re gonna cover something that could mean a lot of things…

Something your engine needs to run…airflow!

This week on Cars 101 - oxygen. Something your engine needs to run. But what happens when your engine is sucking in too much oxygen, or too little?

Ignition coil / spark coil, what are they?

Does your vehicle’s engine die abruptly after running for a while in Huntington Beach? Does your car ever have trouble starting?

What’s up with shock absorbers and struts?

This week on ExperTec of Huntington Beach’s cars 101 blog, we’re gonna cover something that many people don’t really think about when it comes...

My Gas Fuel Gauge Stopped Working!

Even the most novice drivers know how to read two things on their dashboard: their speedometer, and their gas gauge.

4th of July Parade

We are proud to recognize Mr. Ken Moats as a local Huntington Beach G.E.M.

Mr. Moats was honored to have taught a majority of his 53 years in education/coaching here in Huntington Beach. Many if the alumni from Huntington Beach High and Ocean View High where influenced through his mentoring and leadership style.

Coach Ken Moats is a Huntington Beach local and graduated from Huntington Beach High School class of 1947. He earned the very first “Athlete of the Year” from Orange Coast College and was awarded a baseball scholarship to UCLA. Continuing on the baseball path, Coach Moats played a season with the Milwaukee Braves before returning to the west coast.